First MC & WGs Meeting: 16–18 November 2009

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Preliminary Program, last changes: 27/10/09
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Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

1st Day of meeting: Monday, November 16th, 2009
Location: University of Amsterdam: Doelenzaal. Singel 425

  Coffee & Welcome



Focus on Bilingual SLI

  Introduction: overview of the day and goals
  Jan de Jong, Antje Orgassa, Anne Baker & Fred Weerman:
Why is verb inflection vulnerable in SLI? Evidence from bilingual children
  Monika Rothweiler & Solveig Chilla:
Turkish-German successive bilingual children with SLI: A survey of the findings from the Hamburg project



Focus on Bilingual SLI cont.

  Sharon Armon-Lotem:
Syntactic and morpho-syntactic abilities of English-Hebrew and Russian-Hebrew bilingual children with SLI
  Ianthi Tsimpli & Maria Mastropavlou:
Grammatical skills in biSLI: Gender and Clitics in Greek
  Seyhun Topbas & Selcuk Guven:
TײDIL Project. Assessment of SLI in monolingual and bilingual preschool and elementary school children (2;0-9;0) speaking Turkish as their native language; adaptation of TELD-3 to Turkish: Pilot sampling study
12:45-13:00   Interim Summary: Bilingual SLI
13:00-15:00   LUNCH



Focus on Monolingual SLI

15:00-15:20   Martin Haiden, Laurie Tuller, Philippe Prיvost and Maureen Scheidnes:
SLI in French: What’s complex and why?
15:20-15:40   Cornelia Hamann:
French SLI in young children (3-6)
15:40-16:00   Naama Friedmann:
Wh movement and binding in comprehension and production in monolingual Hebrew SLI
16:00-16:20   Petra Schulz:
Semantic abilities in monolingual German SLI
16:20-16:40   Napoleon Katsos:
The acquisition of quantification: insights from SLI and cross-linguistic research
16:40-17:10   BREAK



Focus on theoretical perspectives and discussion

17:10-17:25   Interim Summary: Monolingual SLI
17:25-17:45   Kleanthes Grohmann:
Interfaces and architecture: theoretical perspectives on research in language disorders
17:45-18:30   WG1 - General Discussion
19:30   Steering group meeting

2nd Day of meeting: Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
Location: University of Amsterdam: Doelenzaal. Singel 425

  Invited SpeakerDr. Mariette Huizinga
Profiling Executive Functions in normal and disordered groups




  Aude Laloi (UvA, Amsterdam):
Studying Executive Function and Language Behaviour in bilingual TD and SLI children learning French
  Peri Iluz Cohen (Bar-Ilan University, Israel):
Language Proficiency, Language Control and Executive Control in Bilingual Children
  Bence Kas (Hungary):
Executive functions in Hungarian children with SLI
  WG4 - General Discussion



Presentations - Phonological processing

15:00-15:05   Introduction to phonology studies
15:05-15:20   Handan Kopkalli Yavuz:
Phonological processes in the formation of Turkish words
15:20-15:35   Sharon Armon-Lotem & Shula Chiat:
A Russian-Hebrew NWR task tested with bilinguals with TDL and SLI - rational and findings
15:35-15:45   Maria Kambanaros:
Toddler's phonological acquisition: Normative data from Standard Greek (SG), Cypriot-Greek (CG) and bilingual Albanian (L1)-Greek (L2)
15:45-15:55   Eva-Kristina Salameh:
Assessing phonologies in bilingual Swedish-Arabic children with language impairment
15:55-16:10   Sandrine Ferre:
Studying French complex clusters in spontaneous language in atypical development: SLI and a L2 case
16:10-16:25   Helen Grech & Barbara Dodd:
Phonological language acquisition in Malta: a bilingual language learning context
16:25-17:00   BREAK
17:00-17:15   WG3: Discussion on phonological issues



Presentations - Lexical processing

17:15-17:20   introduction to lexicon studies
17:20-17:35   Maria Kambanaros:
Patterns of Object and Action Naming in Cypriot Greek Children with SLI/WFDs
17:35-17:50   Eva-Kristina Salameh: Learning in two languages. Consequences for lexical development in Swedish and Arabic
17:50-18:05   Ewa Haman:
Measuring receptive vocabulary in TLD - picture test for Polish
18:05-18:30   Discussion on lexical issues & general discussion

3rd Day of meeting: Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
Location: University of Amsterdam: Doelenzaal. Singel 425





  Five minute presentations by WG2 members and roundtable statements from WG2 members on Theoretical/Conceptual/Methodological approaches
Research questions/hypotheses
transcription/coding approaches (CLAN, SALT)
  Ilknur Mavis (TK):
Use of Frog Story narration in Turkish clinical groups with SALT analysis
  Elena Florit (IT):
Comprehension and production of Italian as second language in Romanian and Nigerian preschool children.
  Peri Iluz-Cohen, Sharon Armon-Lotem & Joel Walters (IL):
Codeswitching data from a bilingual retelling task in Hebrew-English children with TDL and SLI
  Kate Cain (UK):
Narrative assessment: comprehension and production
  Target tasks
  • narratives in response to familiar/unfamiliar with and without picture stimuli
  • bilingual retelling task to L1, L2, and bilingual listeners
  • interactive discourse task based on a controlled improvisation procedure
  • autobiographical/identity narratives
12:30-13:00   Discussion
13:00-14:30   LUNCH

14:30- 16:30


MC Meeting & General Discussion

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Conference venue

University of Amsterdam: Doelenzaal. Singel 425 (University Library entrance).
For a map, see:
Parking space in the Doelenzaal area is sparse.

The venue (and this also true for the hotels) is best reached by public transport:
Tram 2 & 5 (stop at Spui); Tram 4, 9, 16, 20, 24 & 25 (stop at Muntplein).

Public transport is cheap, reliable and Schiphol airport is close to the city (around 20 minutes).
Single tickets are 3.80 euro. Taxis from the airport should not charge more than 35 euros.

The venue (as well as the hotels) is a 15 minute walk from Central Station.
Trams take just as much time (single ticker: 2.60 Euro).
Take Tram 2 & 5 (stop at Spui); Tram 4, 9, 16, 20, 24 & 25 (stop at Muntplein).
Do not take a taxi from Central Station: drivers are often rude, unreliable and may refuse to take short trips.

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Le Coin
Nova Hotel

Please notice that late cancellation of a hotel room or non-appearance at the hotel will lead to financial penalties. Le Coin charges 100% of hotel rate when cancellation occurs (less than) a week before arrival. Nova hotel charges one night's rate for non-arrival. As I mentioned before, we will not cover those charges. I have attached the latest list of rooms booked for you.

Tourist Information

As I mentioned before, tourist information can be found here:

Of course, the program is so full you will not have a single moment left. Nevertheless, you might want to take a walk (this can also be done at night). If so, the same site contains information about walking tours: The walking tour on the bottom of the linked webpage can even be downloaded (recommended). The tourist office is next to Central Station.

Local Organizers

dr. Jan de Jong
J.deJong1 at

Please direct all inquiries regarding accommodation to Jan de Jong

On the eve of the workshop, on the 15th, we propose that an informal welcome meeting be held, from 20.30 hrs, for those of you who will have arrived by then, at Cafe de Jaren. The cafe is across the street from Hotel le Coin. This is not included in the workshop and everyone is expected to pay his/her own drinks. For a full explanation of this concept, see:

Conference Dinner

There will be a joint dinner on Tuesday night at Restaurant November - close to the venue(s).The price is 25 euro excluding drinks. If you want to attend, please let us know. Payment in cash will be collected at the registration desk.

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