Working Group 3

WG3: People

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Testing Materials


Questionnaires and other materials for CDI study:

  • Ewa Haman's Cyprus presentations on future tasks and a summary
  • spreadsheet with CDI variables (.xls)
  • Developmental and Language Background Questionnaire for CDI (English: .doc | .pdf)
  • Background Questionnaire for CDI (Polish: .doc | .pdf)
  • Parental Consent Form for CDI (Polish–English: .doc | .pdf) and Information for Parents for CDI (Polish–English: .doc | .pdf)
    NB: These are examples prepared for the bilingual CDI study to be conducted in Ireland with Polish–English-speaking children.


Amsterdam Meeting files


Sharon Armon-Lotem & Shula Chiat:
A Russian–Hebrew NWR task tested with bilinguals with TDL and SLI: Rationale and findings

Maria Kambanaros:
Toddler's phonological acquisition: Normative data from Standard Greek (SG), Cypriot Greek (CG) and bilingual Albanian (L1)–Greek (L2)

Sandrine Ferré:
Studying French complex clusters in spontaneous language in atypical development: SLI and a L2 case

Helen Grech & Barbara Dodd:
Phonological language acquisition in Malta: A bilingual language learning context

Ewa Haman:
Measuring receptive vocabulary in TLD: Picture test for Polish

Maria Kambanaros, Kleanthes K. Grohmann & Elena Theodorou:
Patterns of object and action naming in Cypriot Greek children with SLI/WFDs

Eva-Kristina Salameh:
Assessing phonologies in bilingual Swedish–Arabic children with language impairment

Eva-Kristina Salameh:
Learning in two languages: Consequences for lexical development in Swedish and Arabic

Handan Kopkalli Yavuz:
Phonological processes in the formation of Turkish words


WG3 - Discussion on lexical issues & general discussion

Newcastle Meeting files


Ewa Haman:
Concepts and methods for disentangling bilingualism & SLI in lexicon

Maria Kambanaros:
How does word retrieval in bilingual SLI compare to word retrieval in monolingual SLI: Evidence from object and action naming

Svetlana Kapalková & Daniela Slančová:
How to get information about bilingual children: Slovak on-line CDI data

Theo Marinis:
Non-word repetition in typically developing Turkish–English children: Same or different from monolingual children with SLI?

Ciara O'Toole:
Using parent report to assess bilingual language acquisition

Penny Roy & Shula Chiat:
Preschool repetition test: Word and non-word repetition



Cyprus Meeting files

Shula Chiat:
Creation of a cross-linguistic nonword repetition resource?

Daniela Gatt:
Establishing a threshold for SLI risk in early bilingual lexical development

Ewa Haman:
Vocabulary size and lexical processing: Potential tasks

Ewa Haman:
Vocabulary size and lexical processing: Summary



Turkey Meeting files

Sharon Armon-Lotem & Amani Jaber:
NWR tasks in Hebrew and Arabic: Principles and design

Shula Chiat:
Principles for constructing COST non-word repetition tests: Choices and decisions

Daniela Gatt:
Lexical Issues: Bi-SLI CDI study

Daniela Gatt & Ewa Haman:
CDI study: Designing the lexical tasks

Ewa Haman, Jakub Szewczyk, Magdalena Łuniewska & Barbara Pomiechowska:
Vocabulary size & lexical processing: Designing the new tasks

Christophe dos Santos & Angela Grimm:
Some issues on non-word repetition and phonological complexity

Jakub Szewczyk, Marta Magiera & Zofia Wodniecka:
Phonological processing


ALL - Assessment Committee Diagnostic Practices Questionnaire

ALL - Bilingual Parents Questionnaire (BIPAQ)



Malta Meeting files

Shula Chiat:
WG3 Nonword Repetition Subgroup Report

Shula Chiat:
Nonword repetition: Test development and preliminary results

Ewa Haman:
Lexical tasks construction: Best Words characteristics in 10 languages

Jakub Szewczyk:
WG3 phonological processing Polish (and English) NWR task – preliminary pilot test results

Jakub Szewczyk:
WG3 phonological processing Polish NWR task – the methodology

Alexandr Kornev:
Nonword-repetition in Russian children

Guillemette Henry, Edith Kouba-Hreich & Camille Messarra:
Presentation of Lexicon Tasks for Lebanese Pilot Study

Christophe dos Santos, Sandrine Ferré & Angela Grimm:
Complexity Matters: The French / German NRT

Seyhun Topbaş & Handan Kopkalli-Yavuz:
Non-Word Repetition Test in Turkish (Assessing TD and SLI children)

Kamila Polišenská & Svetlana Kapalková:
Slovak Test


WG3 Lexical issues: CDI Study Lexical Tasks

CDI – Malta Meeting Outcomes



Berlin Meeting files

Ciara O’Toole & Tina Hickey, Daniela Gatt, Aneta Miekisz & Ewa Haman, and Christophe Dos Santos:
Early vocabulary development in bilingual children: A CDI study

Shula Chiat:
Nonword repetition: Test development and results (presentation)

Shula Chiat:
Nonword repetition: Test development and results (summary)

Jakub Szewczyk:
Subject- and item-related factors explaining performance in the Polish NWR test


Padova Meeting files

Shula Chiat:
Nonword repetition: Presentations and plans (Summary)

Jovana Bjekić & Jasmina Vuksanović:
Application of two quasi-universal nonword repetition tasks in Serbian SLI and TD children: A pilot study

Sandrine Ferré & Christophe dos Santos:
NWRT French & Lebanese children

Magdalena Łuniewska & Ewa Haman:
AoA of Bi-SLI „Best Words”:an update for 16 languages

Frenette Southwood:
Comparison of scores on the Afrikaans Bi-SLI WG3 lexical tasks with scores on the standardised Afrikaans Receptive Vocabulary Test: Preliminary data from 2-to 9-year-olds

Daniela Gatt, Ciara O’Toole, Christophe dos Santos, Sophie Kern, Tanja Rinker, Tina Hickey, Aneta Miekisz & Ewa Haman:
Early lexical expression in children exposed to two languages: A CDI study

Lisbon Meeting files

Ewa Haman:
WG3 Lexicon - Cross-Linguistic Lexical Tasks

Hanne Gram Simonsen, Pernille Hansen, Ewa Haman, Magdalena Łuniewska:
Assessing Vocabulary in Polish–Norwegian Children with CLT

Frenette Southwood:
South African English CLT

Jasmina Vuksanovic & Jovana Bjekic:
Current Issues and Perspectives in Application of Serbian CLT in TD Mono, TD Bi and SLI Children

Jasmina Vuksanović, Jovana Bjekic & Marko Zivanovic:
Application of Two Non-Word Repetition Tasks in TD Bilingual Serbian–Hungarian Children

Jasmina Vuksanović & Marko Zivanovic:
(In)Sensitivity of Serbian Version of CLT to SES

E. Krivickaitė & I. Dabašinskienė:
Lithuanian Non-Word Repetition Test: 25 TD Lithuanian Children

Natalia Meir & Sharon Armon-Lotem:
NWR and SR in Sequential Bilingual Russian–Hebrew Speaking Preschool Children with and without SLI



Krakow Meeting files

Shula Chiat, Sandrine Ferré, Christophe dos Santos, Angela Grimm:
Nonword Repetition Tests for Assessing Bilingual Children

Daniela Gatt and Ciara O’Toole:
Parent Report of Early Lexical Production in Bilingual Children across Varied Contexts: A CDI Study

Ewa Haman & Magdalena Łuniewska:
Cross-Linguistic Lexical Tasks (CLT) Assessing Word Knowledge and Lexical Processing in Bilingual Children