Working Group 2

WG2: People

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Testing Materials (WG2)


All materials for the narrative study:

  • Pictures for the Stories [.jpg: Babybirds | Babygoats | Cat | Dog]
  • Texts for Cat–Dog Retelling [.doc: English | German | Russian]
  • How to Perform the Experiment - Summary [.doc]
  • How to Cut and Order the Pictures [.pdf]
  • Guidelines [.doc]
  • Scoring the Babybirds Story [.doc]
  • Scoring the Babygoats Story [.doc]
  • Scoring the Cat Story [.doc]
  • Scoring the Dog Story [.doc]
  • Background Questions [.doc: English | Russian]
  • Analyses Master Table Macro+Micro [.xls]


Amsterdam Meeting files


Five minute presentations by WG2 members and roundtable statements from WG2 members on Theoretical/Conceptual/Methodological approaches Research questions/hypotheses transcription/coding approaches (CLAN, SALT)


Kate Cain:
Narrative assessment: Comprehension and production

Chiara Levorato & Elena Florit:
Comprehension and production of Italian as second language in Romanian and Nigerian preschool children.

Ilknur Mavis:
Use of Frog Story narration in Turkish clinical groups with SALT analysis

Joel Walters, Peri Iluz-Cohen & Sharon Armon-Lotem:
Codeswitching data from a bilingual retelling task in Hebrew–English children with TDL and SLI


WG2 - Discussion


Newcastle Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina:
Cross-linguistic typological differences in narrative studies

Joel Walters:
Modularity approaches in bilingual and BISLI narrative studies


Cyprus Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina & Joel Walters:
Narratives: Types, sampling, methods — Measuring coherence in narrative discourse

Natalia Gagarina & Joel Walters:
Narratives and discourse

Sari Kunnari:
Summary of narratives: Methodology and earlier findings

Eleni Theodorou & Kleanthes K. Grohmann:
Administering the Bus Story Test to Cypriot Greek mono- and bilingual children with SLI



Turkey Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina:

Daleen Klop, Monique Visse & Helena Oosthuizen:
Narratives in bilingual South African children

M. Chiara Levorato & Francesca Gini:
Story-telling task in L2 Italian

Ilknur Maviş:
Which determines SLI best in Turkish: Frog Story or Bus Story?

Natalia Meir & Joel Walters:
Narrative production (telling) in bilingual Russian–Hebrew speaking preschool children

Koula Tantele:
Story-retelling 'Hungry Cats'


WG2 - Final Report


ALL - Assessment Committee Diagnostic Practices Questionnaire

ALL - Bilingual Parents Questionnaire (BIPAQ)



Malta Meeting files

Carmit Altman, Natalia Meir & Joel Walters:
Story retelling in Russian–Hebrew speaking children ages 5–6

Daleen Klop:
Narrative: Macrostructure

Koula Tantele & Kleanthes K. Grohmann:
Piloting the COST Narrative Scheme

Enkeleida Kapia & Anila Kananaj:
Telling and Retelling in TD Albanian monolingual 6-7 year old children


WG2 - Narratives and Discourse



Berlin Meeting files

Susie Joffe, Natalia Meir, Carmit Altman, Shira Farby, Nadya Kogan & Joel Walters:
Macrostructure, mental states and comprehension in English–Hebrew and Russian–Hebrew 5 year olds

M. Chiara Levorato, Maja Roch & Elena Florit:
Concurrent and predictive validity of telling and retelling tasks

Enkeleida Kapia & Anila Kananaj:
Method Effects in Narratives of 6-7 Year Old Monolingual Albanian-Speaking Children

Ilknur Maviş, Gagarina, Natalia, Müge Tunçer, Özlem Ünal, Duygu Yelegen, Didem Akyildiz & Deniz Akpinar:
Administering the tell & re-tell stories to TR–DE bilingual children living in Berlin-Germany and Mo–TR children in Eskişehir-Turkey

Elena Peristeri, Maria Andreou & Ianthi Tsimpli:
Story telling and retelling in Greek monolingual and bilingual children with SLI: A pilot of the computerized method

Maja Roch, Andrea Junyent & M. Chiara Levorato:
The linguistics profile of monolingual and bilingual with and without LI

Koula Tantele & Kleanthes K. Grohmann:
Results and implications from the biSLI narrative tool: Monolingual and bilingual children in Cyprus

Ianthi Tsimpli, Enkeleida Kapia, Anila Kananaj & Maria Andreou:
Narrative insights from 6-7 year old Greek–Albanian children

Eva Valcheva, Elena Tribushinina & Natalia Gagarina:
Evaluating relational coherence in elicited narratives of bilingual Russian–German children: Methodological issues



Padova Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina:
WG2 report



Lisbon Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina:
Narratives and Discourse

Valerie Reichardt and Natalia Gagarina:
Evaluation of Comprehension Questions: Doubtful Cases

Valerie Reichardt, Olga Vorobyeva & Natalia Gagarina:
Piloting COST Embedded Mouse and Odd-One-Out Tasks with 9-Year-Old Russian–German Bilinguals

Antje Skerra, Valerie Reichardt, Katrin Reichenbach, Olga Vorobyeva & Natalia Gagarina:
Linking of Macro-/Microstructure (Study 1) and Scoring Macrostructure (Study 2)

Joel Walters:
Macrostructure, Microstructure, Mental States, Comprehension and Background Variables in English–Hebrew 5-Year-Olds


Krakow Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina & Joel Walters:
Narrative and Discourse

Daleen Klop:
Narratives – Clinical Implications