Working Group 1

WG1: People

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Testing Materials


biSLI Clitics Task (the short version; see below for the original long task):

Long Clitics Task (the Clitics-in-Islands tool from COST Action A33):

Relative Clause Task (from COST Action A33):

Comprehension of Wh-Exhaustivity Task (from COST Action A33):


Amsterdam Meeting files


Sharon Armon-Lotem:
Syntactic and morpho-syntactic abilities of English–Hebrew and Russian–Hebrew bilingual children with SLI

Solveig Chilla & Monika Rothweiler:
Turkish–German successive bilingual children with SLI: A survey of the findings from the Hamburg project

Cornelia Hamann:
French SLI in young children (3-6)

Napoleon Katsos:
The acquisition of quantification: Insights from SLI and cross-linguistic research

Maria Mastropavlou & Ianthi Tsimpli:
Grammatical skills in biSLI: Gender and clitics in Greek

Petra Schulz:
Semantic abilities in monolingual German SLI

Seyhun Topbas & Selcuk Guven:
TÖDİL Project: Assessment of specific language impairment in monolingual and bilingual preschool and elementary school children (2;0–9;0) speaking Turkish as their native language


WG1 - General Discussion


Newcastle Meeting files

Adriana Belletti:
On some findings from L2 and L1 acquisition (possibly) relevant for bi-SLI

Vicky Chondrogianni & Theo Marinis:
Production vs. on-line comprehension of articles and clitics in Turkish–Greek typically developing children: Same or different from monolingual Greek children with SLI?

Anna Gavarro:
Directions for a study of object clitic omission in SLI

Belma Haznedar:
L2 acquisition in typically developing children: Implications for SLI

Jan de Jong:
The vulnerability of morphological case in Turkish–Dutch children with SLI

Despina Papadopoulou & Ianthi Tsimpli:
Prepositions and subordinators in Greek–Albanian bilingual & Greek SLI children

Petra Schulz & Angela Grimm:
Comprehension of exhaustive wh-questions in eL2 learners of German compared to monolingual German children with SLI

Laurie Tuller & Maureen Scheidnes:
Computational complexity effects in the acquisition of French by child L2 learners compared to children with SLI



Cyprus Meeting files

Vicky Chondrogianni & Theo Marinis:
Self-paced listening task

Carla Contemori:
Tasks available for Italian

Napoleon Katsos (presented by Kristine Jensen-de López):
The quantifier comprehension task

Carolyn Letts:
Age matters: Early sentence structure and the identification of language impairment

Theo Marinis:
Sentence repetition

Michaela Nerantzini, Despina Papadopoulou & Spyridoula Varlokosta:
Wh-questions & relative clauses

Esther Ruigendijk:
Pronouns, comprehension & production

Esther Ruigendijk:
Case (marking)

Petra Schulz:
Interpretation of exhaustive wh-questions



Turkey Meeting files

Ewa Haman, Magdalena Smoczyńska & Natalia Banasik:
Sentence repetition task: Development of the Polish version

Maria Kaltsa, Marianna Martzoukou, Michaela Nerantzini, Despina Papadopoulou & Ianthi Maria Tsimpli:
Clitics, relative clauses, wh-questions: Albanian–Greek bilingual children

Aude Laloi:
Processing of French object clitics by monolingual and bilingual SLI children

Aude Laloi:
Production of French object clitics in islands by MOSLI & BISLI children

Theo Marinis:
Sentence repetition

Duygu Özge in collaboration with Theo Marinis:
Comprehension of Turkish relative clauses in monolingual Turkish children with SLI versus typically developing Turkish monolingual and Turkish–English bilingual children

Philippe Prévost:
Production of object clitics by French bilinguals

Laurie Tuller, Rasha Zebib & Eleonore Morin:
Elicited production of relative clauses in French-speaking bilingual children: Preliminary results on COST A33 preference task

Jasmina Vuksanović, Irena Avramović Ilić, Ivana Avramović & Hajnelka Jakšić:
Comprehension of passive in monolingual Serbian TD, SLI and bilingual Serbian–Hungarian and Serbian–Romanian children

Jasmina Vuksanović, Irena Avramović Ilić, Ivana Avramović & Hajnelka Jakšić:
Comprehension of Wh-exhaustive questions of monolingual Serbian TD, SLI and bilingual Serbian–Hungarian and Serbian–Romanian children

Magdalena Wojtecka & Petra Schulz:
Exhaustive wh-questions in eL2 TD and SLI children


WG1 - Results

WG1 - Progress Report


ALL - Assessment Committee Diagnostic Practices Questionnaire

ALL - Bilingual Parents Questionnaire (BIPAQ)



Malta Meeting files

Frenette Southwood:
Comprehension of exhaustive Wh questions: MON-TD, BI-TD Afrikaans/isiXhosa-speaking children/adults

Eleni Peristeri, Maria Kaltsa & Ianthi Tsimpli:
Bilingual TD and SLI Children: Relatives and Interrogatives

Anna Gavarrò:
Clitic production and omission in SLI

Eleni Peristeri, Maria Kaltsa & Ianthi Tsimpli:
A comparison between Bilingual TD and SLI Children: Clitic production

Sharon Armon-Lotem:
Design and data of Eng–Heb and Rus–Heb SR tasks


Sub-Group: Exhaustive Wh-Questions

Sub-Group: Subject–Verb Agreement and Case

Sub-Group: Sentence Repetition – Syntax and Interfaces with Morphology & Semantics

Sub-Group: Sentence Repetition – Summary

Sub-Group: Sentence Repetition – English Sentence Repetition Task: Results



Berlin Meeting files

Elena Peristeri, Maria Andreou & Ianthi Tsimpli:
Clitics in Monolingual and Bilingual TD and SLI: The New Clitic Task

Philippe Prévost:
New Data on French Clitics: Mono-TDs, mono-SLI, bi-TDs, bi-SLIs

Jasmina Vuksanovic:
Object Clitics

Enkeleida Kapia & Anila Kananaj:
Clitic Acquisition in 4-5 year old in Albanian monolinguals


Sub-Group: Exhaustive Wh-Questions

Philippe Prévost:
Exhaustivity in French wh-Questions: Data from mo-TD, mo-SLI, bi-TD, and bi-SLI

Sub-Group: Subject–Verb Agreement and Case


Sub-Group: Sentence Repetition

Vicky Chondrogianni, Maria Andreou, Elena Peristeri, IanthiTsimpli, Spyridoula Varlokosta & Theo Marinis:
Piloting Sentence Repetition in Greek

Gisela Håkansson:
Sentence Repetition

Alexandr Kornev:
Sentence Repetition in Russian 6-7 Years TD Children

Enkeleida Kapia & Anila Kananaj:
Sentence Repetition Task in Albanian Monolingual and Bilingual Children



Padova Meeting files

Luuk van de Scheur and Jan de Jong:
Development of SASIT – NL

Esther Ruigendijk:
Contrastive elicitation task – Case for BI-SLI

Alice Fleckstein, Philippe Prévost, Laurie Tuller& Rasha Zebib:
Sentence repetition task in French: Error analysis (Mo-TD, Mo-SLI, Bi-TD, Bi-SLI)

Gordana Hrzica, Ivana Vdovic, Maja Balija & Jelena Kuvac Kraljevic :
Sentence repetition task and other measures of language development in Croatian SLI and typically language developing children

Sviatlana Karpava & Kleanthes K. Grohmann:
Object clitic placement preferences of Russian–Cypriot Greek bilinguals

Sviatlana Karpava, Kleanthes K. Grohmann & Maria Kambanaros:
Russian and Cypriot Greek sentence repetition tasks administered to bilinguals

Natalia Meir & Sharon Armon-Lotem:
SR in Russian-Hebrew TD and SLI children

Anila Kananaj & Enkeleida Kapia:
Clitic acquisition in 4-5 year old in Albanian monolinguals



Lisbon Meeting files

Jovana Bjekic, Vasiliki Chondrogianni & Jasmina Vuksanovic:
On-line Processing of Case and Word Order Alternations in Serbian

Guillemette Henry, Selma Saad, Laurice Tuller, Philippe Prévost, Rasha Zebib:
Typical versus Atypical Development of Lebanese Arabic in Bilingual Children: A Pilot Study of a Sentence Repetition Task

Bibi Janssen & Esther Ruigendijk:
Case in Russian–Dutch Bilingual Children

Esther Ruigendijk:
Contrastive Elicitation Task: Case for BI-SLI

Frenette Southwood:
Wh Exhaustivity in Afrikaans-Speaking Children: Preliminary Results from MoTD, BiTD and SLI Children

Natalia Meir & Sharon Armon-Lotem:
NWR and SR in Sequential Bilingual Russian–Hebrew Speaking Preschool Children with and without SLI



Krakow Meeting files


Theo Marinis & Petra Schulz:
Developing Tasks on the Interface between Syntax, Morphology, and Semantics to Assess Bilingual Children with SLI

Philippe Prévost:
Differences between Typically Developing Children and Children with SLI in a Bilingual Context

Petra Schulz:
Differences between Typically Developing Children and Children with SLI in a Bilingual Context: Exhaustivity

Theo Marinis:
Sentence Repetition: A Comprehensive Tool for Assessing both Languages of a Bilingual Child

Layal Abboud, Laurie Tuller, Guillemette Henry & Selma Saad:
Sentence Repetition as a Feasible Assessment Tool for Identifying Children with SLI in the Lebanese and French Bilingual Contexts

Natalia Meir & Sharon Armon-Lotem:
Sentence Repetition in Bilingual Russian–Hebrew-Speaking Children with and without SLI