Clinicians and educators

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their answers were prepared by Johanne Paradis (University of Alberta) in collaboration with several members of COST Action IS0804.


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FAQs (and some answers):

The term “clinicians” is broadly construed to include healthcare practitioners like pediatricians, child psychologists, as well as speech and language pathologists (or speech and language therapists).

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1. I see many infants and toddlers in the clinic who are exposed to two languages at home. Does being exposed to two languages delay their development?

2. What should I recommended to the parents of a bilingual child diagnosed with SLI about language use at home and in school? I think I should advise them to drop one of the two languages, so their child can concentrate his efforts on just one language. Is this the best advice?

3. What should I recommended to the parents of a child diagnosed with SLI about school choices? If the parents want to send their child to bilingual or immersion school, should I discourage them for doing this on the grounds that their child might do poorly academically if he has to learn through another language?

4. Which language should be used in therapy? The dominant language? The society language? Both?

5. Are there books and you can recommend?

6. Are there any official recommendations for clinicians working with bilingual children?